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Explaining the new family of ISO Data Centre Standards Barry Elliott, director at Capitoline, unpacks the nine families of ISO standards that look at data centre requirements For many years we have been relying on Telecommunications Cabling Standards to guide us in data centre design. Some of these such as EN 50173-5 Information technology – Generic cabling systems – Part 5: Data centres make no mention of power and cooling systems, and others such as TIA942 Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers discuss power and cooling infrastructure but mainly in the appendices which are “Informative Only” and not actually part of the requirements of the standard. There is the commercially promoted document from The Uptime Institute which helpfully focuses on power and cooling, sustainability and resiliency. But it was refreshing when the EN 50600 Series of data centre standards was published back in 2014. The EN50600 family now provides comprehensive coverage for best practice for data centres from design standards including Power, Cooling, Telecommunications and Security (including security against Fire) to Operations and Management standards and even recommendations for energy use reduction and sustainability. The EN 50600 Series of standards are developed by CENELEC, the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization and the European Union’s principal electrical standards authority. You might assume that because this is a European standard its application is confined to European data centres. However, the principles of design and management of data centres are the same wherever you are. Also, the European standards are less prescriptive than other national standards as they need to work for all of the many different European nations. This means that the key elements of these standards can be applied globally. It is because of this that ISO , the International Standards Organisation, has published many of the EN 50600 series documents as Technical Specifications. This is the first step in the development of a full ISO Data Centre Standard. Currently, the following ISO Technical Specifications have been published; ISO/IEC TS 22237-1:2018 — Data centre facilities and infrastructures — Part 1: General concepts ISO/IEC TS 22237-2:2018 — Data centre facilities and infrastructures — Part 2: Building construction ISO/IEC TS 22237-3:2018 — Data centre facilities and infrastructures — Part 3: Power distribution ISO/IEC TS 22237-4:2018 — Data centre facilities and infrastructures — Part 4: Environmental control ISO/IEC TS 22237-5:2018 — Data centre facilities and infrastructures — Part 5: Telecommunications cabling infrastructure ISO/IEC TS 22237-6:2018 — Data centre facilities and infrastructures — Part 6: Security systems ISO/IEC TS 22237-7:2018 — Data centre facilities and infrastructures — Part 7: Management and operational information At the time of writing, [source] sources tell me the ISO/IEC TS 22237 documents are direct copies of EN50600 documents of the same title but they are currently in the ‘CD’ stage or Committee Draft stage from which they will become full ISO/IEC standards and will take on their own character and personality. One example of this is ISO/IEC 22237-40 which looks at earthquake risk analysis for data centres. ISO is also looking at data centre energy metrics in detail and for this we have ISO/IEC 30134 Data centres — Key performance indicators. For the first time then we have an agreed ISO standard on what terms such as PUE, Power Usage Effectiveness, really mean. This standard also covers nine KPIs in total to include parameters such as Energy Re-use Factor (ERF)  and Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE). It also looks at IT efficiency metrics such as IT Equipment Utilization for Servers (ITEU_SV). Altogether there now nine families of ISO standards that look at data centre requirements including ISO 11801 which specifically looks at structured cabling for data centres. There is also ISO/IEC CD TR 21897.2 which looks at the relationship between data centres and the ISO 52000 standards for energy performance of buildings. The ISO/IEC family of standards is without doubt becoming the largest repository in the world for best practice in data centre design and management but it is also worth considering how these specialised standard fit in with more generic management standards.


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Mr. McLean admitted the board has made mistakes regarding the school. “I think we potentially rushed into it,” he said. “The school was visualized and pitched as a vocational program. County commissioners told us the same thing during our meeting with them Wednesday. They told us they thought it was supposed to be a vocational program.” Marine Science and Technologies Early College High School Principal Cory Johnson, right, reviews proposals for his school as Carteret Community College officials and parents wait for the Carteret County Board of Education to make a decision regarding the high school Friday. (Cheryl Burke photo) Mr. Jenkins, as did other members who voted to transition the school, said his main concern was not having a guaranteed recurring source of revenue for the school. “In good conscience, I can’t keep moving forward with MaST if we don’t know if we have funding,” he said. “I can’t in good conscience go through this every year with those kids. If you’re going to be frustrated with someone, be frustrated with the state. They told us we would have funding each year.” “I feel like we keep putting families through the ringer every year,” she said. “Perhaps when we do this we can consider smaller academies. But I hate that we’re here having to put families through this.” Mr. Goodwin said he liked the proposal, which the board accepted, to allow students at all three high schools to enroll in the MaST program, with the school system providing bus transportation for students to CCC for their various courses. He added that one reason the board has been concerned about MaST is the threat of drawing students away from East Carteret High School, which has a smaller student population. He cautioned that with the board’s action, there was a possibility a group of parents could create their own charter or private school to pursue a MaST-type education. “There’s nothing to prevent a private or charter group from doing what MaST is supposed to do. Then we will have no input or influence.